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Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

  • The Trail Well Traveled: An Interview with the Director of Gringo Trails

    5:00pm PDT

    Start the summit off with a special interview with Pegi Vail, Director of the groundbreaking documentary Gringo Trails. Rent or buy the documentary at one of the sites below, then listen in on how the film was made and what the future of tourism has in store. Send us your questions at #ITMSummit17 on Twitter.

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  • Thursday, June 1st, 2017

  • An Interview with the Creators of 2.5% - The Osa Peninsula

    7:00am PDT

    Eytan Elterman and Marco Bollinger, founders of Lokal Travel, set out to record the stories of locals living in the thriving rainforest of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Little did they know they would end up creating an award winning documentary chronicling the community’s relationship with tourism. Now, Eytan and Marco share the incredible story behind the making of the film.

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  • Keeping a Destination: A Conversation about Shared Wealth and the Sharing Economy of Tourism

    8:00am PDT

    Megan Epler-Wood, Managing Director, Sustainable Tourism Asset Management Program, Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University, talks to us about how travel destinations are created; who is responsible for governing those destinations; why we feel as travelers that it’s best to experience a place before anyone else; what happens when a destination can no longer support tourism; and how to share destinations responsibly.

    Watch the Session Recording Read: Saving the Heart and Soul of Tourism Destinations
  • What is Sustainable Travel Anyway?

    8:45am PDT

    Randy Durband, CEO of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council talks about the process of defining “sustainable” accommodations and tour operations. What goes into creating the standards for green lodges and tourism practices? How much of an impact does one traveler have on an environment or local community? What is travel going to look like in the next 10-20 years? Randy Durband will answer these questions and more.

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  • Ecotourism in Asia: A Look at a Whole New Kind of Experience

    9:30am PDT

    Ecotourism accommodations and tours in Asia have been difficult to track down in the past; but sustainable travel expert Masaru Takayama will be giving us a sneak peek into the industry and describing a few experiences that you’ll want to add to your wishlist.

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  • #CultureTrav Chat: Authenticity

    11:30am PDT

    Join us for a very special #CultureTrav chat on Twitter about “Authenticity.” We’ll be delving into what it means to have an authentic travel experience, how to ensure you’re enjoying the “real deal,” and more! Come on over!

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  • It Can Be Easy Being Green

    12:30pm PDT

    Making responsible and sustainable travel decisions doesn’t need to be hard or very time consuming. Aleema Noormohamed will discuss methods she has used in her extensive travels for keeping her environmental footprint small. She’ll start with a few baby steps that are easier to implement, then suggest ways to continue from there.

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  • Getting Up Close with Wildlife

    1:30pm PDT

    Watching animals in the wild is one of the most memorable experiences that one can have. When done responsibly, wildlife travel can benefit local habitats, endangered species, nearby communities and travelers. Learn how to encounter wildlife responsibly with Janine Duffy from Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours.

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  • Panel: Volunteer Responsibly

    2:45pm PDT

    Volunteering can be a great way to give back to communities and immerse yourself in a destination. However, volunteering responsibly can be trickier than expected. We’ll be joined by experts in the field of volunteer travel to help us maneuver through the space responsibly.

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  • Volunteer Like a Pro

    3:30pm PDT

    Volunteer travel has shaped communities and changed the travel sphere in the last 20 years. Orit Strauss from GivingWay explains how the industry has changed and what kinds of opportunities are available. Learn how to navigate the changing world of volunteer travel.

    Watch the Session Recording Download: Adventures Less Ordinary by Ethan Gelber Read: Is Voluntourism the Right Thing to do? Read: 5 Minute Guide to Volunteering Abroad
  • A Little Responsibility Goes a Long Way

    4:15pm PDT

    This live talk with Planeta’s Ron Mader delves into the exciting realm of the online sustainable travel world. Planeta was the first website dedicated to ecotravel and has been a resource ever since. We’ll learn what inspired Ron to get so involved in the industry, his travel tips and tricks, and how to stay involved after the trip.

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  • Being Part of the Travel Better Club

    5:00pm PDT

    Geoff Bolan from Sustainable Travel International divulges information about the new Travel Better Club. Learn how easy it is to start making better decisions when traveling and how to increase your positive impact on the world.

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  • Why It Feels So Good To Travel Kindly

    6:00pm PDT

    Did you ever have a craving to “do more than travel” while on vacation and positively impact the places you visit? Desire more “feel good” feelings around your travel experiences that leave you with a greater sense of purpose, optimal well-being, and a full and happy heart? Jessica Blotter, CEO & Kindness Curator of, delivers 10 impactful tips on how to become a force for good when you travel, creating a more conscious, mindful and purpose-filled vacation that leaves you feeling complete. You’ll also discover from a psychological and physical perspective why making positive choices that reflect kindness to yourself, others, and the environment actually feels good. Join us for this illuminating presentation designed for a better you and a better world. Travel Kindly & Often.

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  • Friday, June 2nd, 2017

    Download: UNWTO's Tips for Responsible Travelers
  • Know Before You Go: The Most Useful Things to Learn About a Place Before Traveling

    8:00am PDT

    Start your trip off on the right foot with useful knowledge about the place you’re traveling to. Naomi Liz from Roaming the Americas has a treasure trove of suggestions and tricks for learning as much about a destination without spending hours of time.

    Watch the Session Recording Read: 3 Reasons Everyone Should Learn History Before Traveling Read: How Language Learning Will Transform the Way You Travel
  • Travel Fearlessly

    9:00am PDT

    Culture-shock can slow a vacation down and sometimes make it difficult to enjoy. One way to lessen culture-shock is to learn about the culture ahead of time. Sophia Hyder from Papilia shares her expertise on researching cultures and feeling comfortable in new places.

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  • Panel: Finding Solid Ground When Traveling to Unstable Destinations

    10:00am PDT

    Ever wonder if a country or region is too risky to travel to after it’s seen a natural disaster, social change or political instability? Often times, tourism is the only economic force keeping that country afloat. How do you determine if a destination is unsafe for traveling? How do you make contacts, that can provide reliable insight into traveler safety? This panel answers these questions and more.

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  • The Real Cost of Water Bottles

    12:00pm PDT

    Drinking purified water when traveling is important to staying healthy, but buying bottled water isn’t the best solution. Courtney Crossfield and Christine Mackay of Travelers Against Plastic created this informative video to explain why.

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  • The Ethical Suitcase

    1:00pm PDT

    Discover the vast and dynamic world of ethical travel gear with Julie-Ann and Jade from Nomad Traveler. Learn how easy it is to pack an ethical and responsible suitcase. From leggings made of recycled water bottles to versatile backpacks to water filters that clean out 99.99% of the nasties, Nomad Traveler has solutions for every packing problem.

    Watch the Session Recording Download: Nomad Traveler's Packing Guide
  • Water Filters 101

    2:00pm PDT

    Christine Mackay from Crooked Trails and Travelers Against Plastic demonstrates how and when to use a variety of different water sterilization and purification systems.

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  • Drinking Safe Water Abroad

    2:15pm PDT

    Can water filters be trusted to clean all those bugs out of the water? Travis Merrigan from GRAYL explains the science behind different tools and the importance of using them.

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  • Packing for a Purpose

    3:00pm PDT

    Now that you’ve learned how to pack light, you have room to fill with goodies and supplies that locals in the community could use. Pack for a Purpose was created to provide a platform for travelers wanting to donate needed items to their vacation destinations. Founder Rebecca Rothney explains.

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  • #PackYourImpact

    4:00pm PDT

    Packing doesn’t end after you’ve zipped up your suitcase. Packing a positive attitude and an open mind is just as important as packing ethical gear. Zach Hetrick from Hostelling International USA knows all about packing a positive impact and making the most out of an adventure.

    Watch the Session Recording Play: The Traveler's Scavenger Hunt Quiz: How to Save the Planet Based on Your Travel Personality Read: Leave a Green Footprint - Green Guides
  • Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

  • Don’t be Duped by Sustainable Tourism

    7:00am PDT

    What does it mean to truly experience a destination? Irene Lane, founder of Greenloons, shares her expert knowledge on this topic, as well as dispels popular understandings of mass tourism and sustainable travel.

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  • See the World the Way it Wants to be Seen

    NEW TIME: 8:00am PDT

    Visit.Org shows us what it looks like to venture off popular tourism paths and what adventures are waiting beyond.

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  • Panel: Ditching the Tourist Trail

    8:30am PDT

    A conversation with world travelers who rarely stay on the beaten path

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  • Panel: The Insider’s Trail

    10:00am PDT

    Tips from Guides for Getting Off the Beaten Path

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  • Finding Rajasthan’s True Flavors

    12:30pm PDT

    That’s right, we’re traveling to India with Ellie Cleary from Soul Travel Blog to learn about the best way to experience Rajasthan. Learn about must-see sights, delicious food, best transportation methods, cultural etiquette and so much more.

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  • Lost in Grapevines

    1:15pm PDT

    There is so much more to Italy’s Tuscany and Chianti region than wine, cheese and pasta. Let Arianna Cini from KM Zero Tours take you to the real Chianti, where vineyard owners personally take you across their land to explain their methods; where bread makers are happy to share their baking secrets; and where making goat cheese takes just as much passion as painting masterpieces.

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  • Experience Mexico City Like a Pro

    1:30pm PDT

    Is Mexico City on your list of top destinations to visit? It should be. Today, Dominique Cordero of La Mariposa Vagabunda takes us on a guided tour of Mexico City’s most sustainable accommodations, activities and restaurants.

    Watch the Session Recording Read: The Mexico City Experience
  • The Wildest Side of Australia

    2:00pm PDT

    If koalas and kangaroos are on your list of favorite animals, this is a session you can’t miss. Go on a walk with Janine Duffy from Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours and spot wild koalas in trees, kangaroos hopping along beside to you, incredible birds soaring overhead and maybe even a large reptile or two.

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  • After the Safari

    2:15pm PDT

    For all those who dream of Africa and the quintessential safari experience, dream about Tanzania. Africa is filled with amazing countries that should be explored; however, Tanzania is often glossed over. Today, we are diving deep into this unique country with Justa Lujwangana from Curious on Tanzania.

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  • The Traveler’s Reward: How Responsible Travel Elevates the Travel Experience

    3:00pm PDT

    Offbeat travel is rewarding in many ways. Juania Owens, founder of Amazing Perspective, shares her own personal story of how responsible travel changed her life and how it continues to elevate experiences around the world.

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  • Making Family Travel Sustainable

    4:00pm PDT

    Ethan Gelber from The Travel Word and his wife and two young sons share their travel experiences, including their latest adventure traveling much of the world in the span of a year. Learn how to plan a vacation for the whole family, how to make the most out of a trip for children, how to combat boredom in airports and train stations, and more.

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  • Beato Goes To… Engaging Children in Travel

    5:00pm PDT

    Introducing some of the cutest travel books for children, Beato Goes To… is a series of books that teaches children about the world and instills a sense of exploration. Written by Sucheta Rawal of Go Eat Give, the Beato Goes To… series explores Greenland, Israel and Indonesia in three beautifully illustrated hard bound books. Now, Sucheta shares her story and the process of creating these lovely books.

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  • Sunday, June 4th, 2017

  • How to Keep a Stomach of Steel when Traveling

    8:00am PDT

    Kevin Dimetres, a world traveler with a passion for experiencing the unknown, has a few tricks up his sleeve for not getting Montezuma’s Revenge when trying new foods. He also has some pretty interesting stories to share.

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  • Brunch Around the World

    9:00am PDT

    Warm up that kitchen and make brunch with us! Dylan Lowe from Travelling Editor will be making a few favorite dishes from his travels with flavors from around the world.

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  • How to Travel Deeper Through Food: Finding Argentina’s True Flavor

    10:30am PDT

    When it comes to getting the most authentic experience when traveling, Rosemary and Claire from Authentic Food Quest have their own style, and it has everything to do with food. Learn how to travel deeper through food no matter where you are, then test your new knowledge while exploring Argentina.

    Watch the Session Recording Download: Authentic Food Quest's Argentina Mini Guide
  • Panel: To Good to Pass Up

    11:30am PDT

    Finding the Best Food when Traveling

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  • Flavors of Life

    12:30pm PDT

    Flavors of Life is a book that delves into the stories behind some of the best restaurants in Amsterdam. Written by Jessica Lipowski, Flavors of Life is a window into the lives of 67 people who found themselves far away from home and decided to share their cuisine with the people of Amsterdam. Now, Jessica shares her own story about bringing this book to life.

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  • Adaptive Farms, Resilient Tables: A New Cookbook that Celebrates Culture and Sheds Light on Adaptive Farming Techniques

    1:30pm PDT

    Jennifer Baumwoll, one of the creators of the new Canada-UNDP Cookbook, Adaptive Farms, Resilient Tables, talks about rural communities and how tourism affects even the most remote of regions. This book celebrates cultures in Cabo Verde, Cambodia, Haiti, Mali, Niger and Sudan and highlights special recipes that can be made in every kitchen.

    Watch the Session Recording Read: Canada UNDP - Adaptive Farms Resilient Tables cookbook
  • Going on Culinary Adventures at Home

    2:30pm PDT

    Sometimes a big international trip isn’t in the cards for immediate vacations. But, you can still take your tastebuds around with world with companies like League of Kitchens, where cooking instructors from across the globe share their recipes and cooking techniques with visitors. Sonya Kharas explains.

    Watch the Session Recording Watch: League of Kitchens on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert Part 1 Watch: League of Kitchens on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert Part 2 Watch: League of Kitchens on The Chew
  • Keynote: The Future of the Travel Industry

    3:30pm PDT

    What if you could change someone’s life on your next vacation, and it was as easy as the type of decision to recycle instead of throwing something away?

    The industry is shifting, and now more than ever, it is possible to positively impact our world while traveling. You can discover more authentic experiences while abroad, and change the world while you do it.

    There is a global movement that proves sustainable tourism is the future of tourism. Impactful travel no longer has to be a niche within the industry. 2017 is the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism, and through our industry, we have the potential to solve the world’s most pressing issues.

      Viewers will:
    • Gain insight on why sustainable travel is about more than giving back, and how it impacts every traveler and destination
    • Learn how to implement sustainability into your lifestyle, whether you're home or abroad
    • Understand the trends for the future of the industry, and why every business needs to implement a holistic approach to sustainability into their model to build a loyal consumer base (and how consumers can find those businesses

    Watch the Keynote